Yvan Vollmy, an atypical optician …

Precious stones, natural and unfamiliar materials, sometimes filled with prehistory… Yvan Vollmy masters the delicate art of dressing up the eye by relying on an exclusivity that promises originality.

Renowned far and wide, this aesthete has abandoned the idea of settling in Lausanne or Geneva, preferring the gentle way of life in Rolle over the commercial assets of chic urban districts. The distance is all relative for this optician as atypical as he is fiercely independent (he is bound to none of the groups that spring up everywhere), who attracts a discerning international clientele in the heart of the Lemanic Basin.

Yvan Vollmy’s success is summed up in few words: passion for the craft, exclusivity and quality of advice.

It is his passion that drove him to choose the difference in his quest for articles that are not found on everybody’s nose. Then again, one had to get off the beaten path… Hence he patiently tracked down master craftsmen who work on eyeglasses frames using the most unexpected of natural materials.

Expression of eternity

His first discovery led him to offer frames made of mammoth ivory. Perfectly preserved, mammoth tusks dating back 10,000 to 25,000 years are found in ample quantities in the Siberian ground. Their ivory, coming from the earth and threatening no endangered species, is assimilated to a mineral by the Washington Convention. As eyeglasses frames, mammoth ivory can be inlaid with coral, gold nuggets, amber, etc.

Another unusual discovery was shagreen (the hide of a shark or ray), which owes its discovery to the master sheath-maker of King Louis XV, who was the first to use this elegant and mysterious fabric to adorn the most precious objects.

An eye for nature

At Yvan Vollmy, one also finds glasses in cannabis, in cockspur leather, or even in peacock feathers whose iridescent green and blue gleams work wonders on eyes of the same colour. Furthermore, a Swiss artisan provides him Kashmir buffalo horn frames featuring many nuances of grey, black and beige hues for timeless and highly refined glasses. Also worthy of note is the new Gold & Wood collection associating horn, gold and precious stones, with custom finishing.


All these eyeglasses frames are bespoken, and they are produced within six weeks in the chosen material, with or without inlays.

Not to forget of course the perfect adaptation of the optical glass, but at Yvan Vollmy, seduction and aesthetics succeed in making us forget the essential functional aspect of eyeglasses!

Last but not least, this optician like no other represents leading brands in the jewellery-spectacle trade (Chopard, Boucheron) as well as most of the other brands on the market.